Why We Get Bored and When It Can Be a Sign of Something More Serious



We all get bored from time to time.Boredom itself isn’t a harmful feeling. Mere existence doesn’t satisfy us, and the yearning for something engaging and meaningful in our lives is perhaps what has driven our species forward.

Studies show that there’s a 5% decrease in the brain activity when we’re bored. We strengthen our notion of the self by reflecting on past events or imagining future scenarios.

Our response to boredom and our chances of getting bored are linked to our personalities. For example, introverts are more likely to enjoy spending time by themselves, and thus require less stimulation to stay focused. Extroverts, on the other hand, are always looking for new stimuli and are more likely to get bored as a result.

Stay with us to find out to find out when boredom can cause issues and when it’s a perfectly normal feeling.

Boredom may be a sign of ADHD or ADD

Difficulty to concentrate on one task is sometimes caused by boredom. People who suffer from ADHD or ADD have issues with their dopamine receptors, so they get bored easier because it’s harder for their brains to get stimulated by a task.

When boredom is paired with impulsivity or hyperactivity, especially over longer periods of time and in many areas of life, you may be showing signs of ADHD or ADD.

Boredom and depression

For many people, boredom, particularly chronic boredom, is part of depression.

If you find yourself unsatisfied almost every day and not stimulated enough to carry out your daily activities, it may be a sign that boredom is leading to your unhappiness. In many cases, it’s a vicious cycle: you get bored, so you’re unhappy, and because you’re unhappy there’s little energy left for you to focus on stimulating activities.

When is it okay to be bored?

A job that consists of repetitive tasks and doesn’t require much creativity or critical thinking can lead to boredom—that is, as long as you keep the job. However, once you’re in a more stimulating environment, the boredom tends to dissipate.

There are countless examples of this. Some people find that striving for realistic goals keeps them away from the claws of boredom.

Unsure about whether your boredom is a normal reaction to your environment or a warning sign? Feel free to reach out to us with your questions here!