When To Let A Friendship Go


Photo by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash


Friendship is such a special part of life. To have good friends is really what makes life worth living sometimes. Friends are supposed to brighten your life, make you laugh, bring you joy, and share all the special, fun, and even ugly parts of life. But what happens when a friendship starts to become toxic? With so many good memories together, it can feel even worse than heartbreak to end a friendship. So how do you know when to let a friendship go?


They Put You Down

Friends are supposed to build you up not put you down. This can be hard to detect when it’s happening. It can start off as just joking around. But it can also be a friend who doesn’t celebrate your successes, diminishes your accomplishments, and speaks poorly about you behind your back to other people.


They Only Contact You When They Need Something

A healthy friendship is all about give and take. If your friend is doing all the taking and you’re doing all the giving, something’s not right. This can come in the form of only reaching out to you when they need something from you. It can also be when they somehow manage to turn every conversation to being about them. Additionally, it can be when they act too busy to be bothered with you.


They Only Want to be Miserable

Everyone has highs and lows in life and for some people, those lows last longer than others. That’s okay. However, some people just seem to never want to be happy and misery loves company. As hard as it may be to feel like you’re leaving your friend during their time of need, sometimes you have to cut them off. It’s okay to draw a line and set boundaries when it comes to friends who seem to only want to complain and be miserable.


Friendship is one of life’s greatest gifts. Which is why it can hurt so bad when you realize that a friend isn’t really good for you anymore. If a friendship is leaving you feeling depleted, lonely, and feeling bad about yourself it’s time to let that relationship.

The difficult part is that making friends isn’t always that easy. Between work, family, and other obligations it can seem impossible to make friends. Putting yourself out there after you’ve been burned by a bad friendship is hard. If you’re struggling to create meaningful connections with others, give us a call. We can help you build confidence and learn how to identify and create solid, meaningful friendships with others.