Irina Gubenko, Intern

Whether you are looking to relieve suffering, rekindle sexual desire and emotional connection with your partner, or to improve overall satisfaction in your relationship, Irina’s multi-dynamic approach to therapy can help you cultivate and sustain the change you are seeking. Irina specializes in helping individuals and couples who struggle with effective communication, emotional closeness, healing from relational traumas, recovering from affairs, intimacy, keeping relationships, or moving past unhealthy relationships patterns.

Irina practices Emotionally Focused Therapy and adopts a somatic approach to working with trauma, which is rooted in Polyvagal Theory and mindfulness modalities. She creates a safe haven for clients to explore their life experiences or beliefs that prevent them from embracing the possibility of what can be. These are beliefs about the nature of our emotions, relationships, gender, sexuality and life in general.

Irina’s background is facilitating women’s groups with an emphasis on emotional healing and overcoming trauma. She also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Education with a successful career working as a New York City teacher, mentor, and coach supporting families by fostering a nurturing environment at home that promotes parent-child bonding, and effective parenting skills, and safety.

Irina believes that it is essential to individualize a therapy experience that aligns with each client’s unique identity. Her clients are men, women, and couples of all sexual orientations and relational dynamics.