Jump Starting Your Motivation



Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash


Getting motivated to do the things we want to do and the things we need to do is sometimes more difficult than whatever task we have at hand. Many people struggle with not only getting motivated but staying motivated. There’s a number of reasons why our motivation seems to dry up when we need it most. Fatigue, not knowing where to start, finding excuses, and fear of judgement are all motivation killers. Then it seems like we beat ourselves up for not being motivated. If you’re constantly getting stuck because of lack of motivation, here’s how to jump start your motivation!


1. Go Public

You can’t always be responsible for holding your self accountable for achieving certain goals. Which is why going public with your goals can help you stay accountable. As scary as it may be to let other people in on your goals, it can help you stay focused and motivated to see the goal through till the end.


2. Remember Your Why

Why did you start this goal? Why do you want this goal? Remembering your why can help you stay motivated to finish. Your why needs to be for you and not for someone else. Your why is your higher cause, your vision. The why helps you seek a new level of meaning and figure out the mechanics of completing the goal.


3. Set a 15-Minute Timer

Sometimes our goals fall to the wayside because we let chores like laundry, dishes, taxes, errands, etc. pile up. Set a 15-minute timer daily and see how much you can get done. De-clutter your desk, put your laundry away, sanitize your bathroom. Whatever it is that you need to get done and can get done in those 15 minutes will boost your confidence and motivation to keep taking your day on.


4. Use the Buddy System

The buddy system is great because you have someone else holding you accountable and depending on you to do what you said you would. Using the buddy system allows you to set a system of check-ins and check-ups to see how both of you are moving forward. Using a buddy can help you both stay motivated and on track to success.


The biggest assumption people make is that you’ll just one day wake up and feel motivated! Unfortunately, motivation is something that you have to work on and practice daily. Utilizing one or more of these strategies can help make staying motivated seem easier. If you’re still struggling with staying motivated to complete daily tasks, even tasks like showering, brushing your teeth, or taking care of yourself, give us a call. We can help identify where and why your motivation has fallen off and help you set up a system of checks and balances to get your self back on track.