How to Let Go of Stuck Thoughts

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash


Stuck thoughts are those pesky little thoughts you can’t seem to stop thinking about. They’re usually negative and often very powerful. And for some wild reason, we choose to believe them. These thoughts come in the form of phrases like, “you can’t do that” or “no one likes you” and “no one will like that.” Even we inherently know that those thoughts have no meaning, we still let them control us. Eventually, it morphs into an obsession and we can become stuck on one singular thought for hours, days, weeks, and even months. In order to live a happy, healthy life we need to learn how to let go of stuck thoughts.


Know it will Pass

Mental health can feel like a roller coaster. One week you’re flying high and staying positive and a few weeks later you feel turned upside down. But each time, the bad moments pass and the good moments come right back along like they never left. The moment a negative thought pops into your head remember that it will pass. Even your most intrusive thoughts will have to leave at some point. Acknowledge the thought and then let it go.


Focus on the Now

This is a big theme in modern mental health because anxiety exists in the non-existent future. The future we’ve made up in our heads. It’s not always easy to come back into the now. That’s why you can use grounding techniques like counting down from 10 or acknowledging items and their colors in a room. Staying present will help to keep those annoying, intrusive thoughts at bay because those thoughts are usually focused on the future and you control your future.


Get Moving

Sometimes the reason why those intrusive thoughts make us feel stuck is because we are physically stuck. When an intrusive thought pops up ask yourself, “when was the last time I moved?”  If it’s been more than an hour, get up! Jump around, wiggle your arms, take a walk, just get that energy moving. You can paint, go golfing, play tennis, whatever you want to do just move. Moving helps occupy your brain so you’re not focused on stuck thoughts.


Everyone experiences intrusive thoughts and they’re perfectly normal–to a degree. It’s when you let them control your day and your emotions are when they become out of control and abnormal. If you’re struggling with letting go of certain thoughts or getting unstuck, call us today to schedule an appointment and learn how you can start living your best life.