How To Deal With Loneliness

Almost everyone experiences loneliness at some point in their life and with COVID-19 and varying degrees of social restrictions, many are facing their feelings to an extreme for the first time. 

While a large number of people experience loneliness, it isn’t something that they talk about. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what to do when these feelings come up.

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How Does Loneliness Affect People?

Loneliness can be emotionally painful. It can affect everyone differently, but some of the most common feelings are: 

  • Depression – Studies have found that depression and loneliness often feed off each other. And that each can perpetuate the other.
  • Physical Pain – Social exclusion and loneliness are processed in the same brain areas that deal with physical pain. 
  • Physical Health – Any kind of emotional stress can have an effect on your immunity. Many people suffering from loneliness and depression find themselves with a health issue as well.

How Do You Cope with Loneliness?

Joining group classes and volunteering are great ways to help reduce feelings of loneliness. Having a sense of belonging and purpose can often help you feel a deeper sense of connection and gratitude. 

But due to COVID-19 restrictions still in place, it is essential to find alternatives when you can’t take part in life face-to-face. 

Work On Existing Relationships

There are probably friends, family, and co-workers that you could deepen your connection with. Since we are all forced to spend more time at home, why not call, text, or video conference, some of these people. Reach out more often and strengthen the bonds you already have.

Get a Pet

Adopting a dog or cat from your local shelter is a great way to save a pet’s life and you get a companion to combat and prevent loneliness. 

Adopting an animal is not only a great benefit for your mental health, it can also improve your physical health and expand your social community. There is no better way to meet people than by walking your dog.

Connect And Find Support Online

Loneliness is very common, and there are people just like you looking to connect on the internet. While it’s always smart to be careful, joining an online community with people who are having the same experiences as you can give you some comfort. 

With some good research, you can find real support and connection with groups online.

“Instead of passively surfing the net or your social media, if you want to go online, opt instead to do something that involves the active participation of other people.”

Schedule An Appointment With A Therapist

The more lonely you are, the more depressed you can feel, and sometimes trying to feel better on your own just isn’t enough. Many people feel lonely even when they are with other people. 

If this is you, the best solution can come from speaking to a therapist. Loneliness and depression don’t have to take away all the joy from your life. If you have symptoms that continue to persist, finding the right therapist can make all the difference. 

Some forms of therapy, especially cognitive behavioral therapy, can help you change your thoughts and your actions to help you not only experience less loneliness but do more in your life to prevent loneliness.

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