How Journaling Can Help You


Journaling has been used for a long time by therapists as a method of identifying mood shifts and the context in which they occur. It’s also helpful for figuring out what situations drive negative thinking.

 However, journaling isn’t just a way for us to systematically record our thoughts in an attempt to understand ourselves. It’s also a safe way to vent.

A loyal friend

Like everyone else, you may have periods in your life when you feel alone and you have nobody to listen to your problems. A diary is a great way to vent and share your thoughts, even when you don’t have people close to you who understand and appreciate you.


Writing in a diary will help you experience relief while keeping your secrets and thoughts safe from the eyes of the world.

Track how you’ve changed and make note of your progress

We all change over the years. And one of the best ways to look at where you were a few years or even months ago is by re-reading your diary.


Keeping a diary can reveal so much about how certain events in our lives change our mindset and actions. These are changes that otherwise happen so slowly that we would otherwise not notice them.


But a few journal entries might shed some light on how your personality and thinking patterns have changed over time and where you’ve taken steps in the right direction.

Helps you achieve your goals

Goals and desires that are written down are more likely to come true. This happens because when you write them down, you externalize them. Your dreams and goals suddenly become closer to you. And having them in a diary works as a reminder that will motivate you to work harder to reach them.


Many entrepreneurs use journaling for this purpose alone. They write their daily and weekly goals down along with the actions that need to be taken in order to achieve them.

Wrapping up

Keeping a journal is perhaps one of the oldest ways of coping with depression, loneliness, and anxiety. And it’s no wonder it’s so effective. When you write your thoughts down, you detach yourself from them.


If you have difficulties socializing with your peers, making friends, or coping with depression, journaling can help. However, so can seeking professional help. Reach out to us with the troubles you face in your life to find out how we can help.