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Childhood trauma doesn’t just affect you in your youth; the pain can follow you into adulthood. Childhood should be a time for growth and exploration, but for many people, traumatic events have left scars that still need to be dealt with. 

At North Brooklyn Therapy located in Brooklyn, New York, the compassionate counselors have the experience and training needed to help you deal with lingering childhood trauma. Call the office to set up a consultation or use the online booking tool to schedule your childhood trauma therapy appointment today. 

What is Childhood Trauma?

Childhood trauma includes any situation in which a child is harmed or is put in a situation where harm can occur. Not only does this include physical harm, but mental and social distress as well. It can also occur after witnessing a traumatic or violent event, even if you weren’t personally injured or affected. The trauma can stem from inside of the family unit or from outside sources. 

Childhood trauma comes in many forms, all of them causing grief that can last well into adulthood. Childhood trauma can include:

  • Bullying
  • Disasters
  • Community violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Abuse (physical, mental, or sexual)
  • Medical trauma 
  • Grief

Childhood trauma can happen to anyone from any background, and it extends beyond the list above. Traumatic events are extremely personal and often children have trouble talking about them until they reach adulthood. That’s why many sufferers don’t seek childhood trauma therapy until years after the event. 

What are the Symptoms of Childhood Trauma in Adults?

It is common for the impacts of childhood trauma to extend well into adulthood. People who experienced childhood trauma often experience these symptoms as adults:

  • Risky and impulsive behavior
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Substance abuse
  • Eating disorders
  • Difficulty with personal relationships
  • Employment difficulties 
  • Increased risk of suicide

Even if you aren’t experiencing these symptoms, but you experienced childhood trauma, it’s important to not ignore it. If you experienced trauma as a child, the team at North Brooklyn Therapy can help. They have the experience and education to lead you through strategies to deal with past traumas. 

Why Attend Childhood Trauma Therapy?

Childhood trauma lasts for years. Even as an adult you still might be triggered by certain people, locations, events, or memories, dredging up uncomfortable feelings of sadness, anxiety, or anger. 

Childhood trauma includes more than just emotional side effects. Triggering memories can also cause debilitating physical symptoms including high heart rate, sweating, and nausea. 

Childhood trauma therapy helps you identify and find ways to talk about these triggering events from the past. The North Brooklyn Therapy team helps you identify these factors so you can begin to deal with and reconcile with what you are feeling.  

What Should I Expect at Childhood Trauma Therapy as an Adult?

Childhood trauma therapy attempts to make links between your behavior today and the traumatic events of your past

Childhood trauma therapy as an adult attempts to make links between your behavior today and the traumatic events that happened to you as a child. Your North Brooklyn Therapy counselor helps you frame your past in ways that affect your present. 

On the other hand, your therapist will also make it clear that what happened during your childhood has no guaranteed link as to what you are feeling now. Sometimes the troubles you are experiencing today aren’t linked to the past. In other words, your therapist helps you sort through and understand your feelings. 

Often, distresses you are feeling today stemming from childhood trauma are related to avoidance. When something happens to you when you were young, your brain trains itself to avoid situations, people, places, or thoughts that remind you of it. Your North Brooklyn Therapy counselor will help you explore this avoidance, and, if you are comfortable, will help you find ways to confront it. 

One of the best aspects of childhood trauma therapy as an adult is that you will learn that though something terrible had happened to you as a child, it doesn’t have to define who you are today. Your therapist will help you explore skills and techniques so you can live a full and productive life in the present.  

Childhood trauma carries serious impacts that can extend well into adulthood. If you suffered childhood trauma in your past, it’s time to find someone you can talk to. The compassionate team at North Brooklyn Therapy includes skilled childhood trauma therapists for adults and older teens still suffering from its effects. Call the office to set up your first appointment or use the convenient online booking tool.